Andrea Villarroel Lua | Creative

How do you describe what you do? 

Creative Human Being


What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Roll over and kiss my boyfriend's back.


What would be your dream collaboration?

I'd love to work with Vivienne Westwood.


Book that’s changed your life?

The Untethered Soul


What’s your favourite way to move or get active? 

Hot Yoga


Which country have you traveled to that inspired you most?



Tell us about an adventure that changed your life?

Jumping into a lake in Idaho!


What’s your favourite way to stay active?

Nature hikes or riding my bike.


What do you do in your life as play?

Drawing and sketching.


What’s an adventure you’re excited to take?

Traveling to Tulum!


Where can people find you?

By the ocean :)