Azalea Hart | Multimedia Host

Azalea Hart
Azalea is a multimedia host who's inspired by her Trinidadian background, loves Bali and is passionate about the Shelter Movers organization. Read on to learn more about her.

How do you describe what you do?

I believe that I am curator of positive energy and I show that through a variety of outlets. I'm a multimedia host which is usually for digital consumption. I visit restaurants and experiences in the GTA and beyond with the hope that I influence Torontonians to try something new as well! 


What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I give thanks for life. Say my prayers and list what I'm grateful for.


Where is your favourite destination in the world? 

I would say Trinidad because it's home - the food, the culture, everything Trinidad embodies. 


Which country have you traveled to that inspired you most?

Again that would be Trinidad because it's my background - I put a lot of "Trini" in everything I do! Whether it's a song choice for my IG story adventures or the food I cook on a daily basis. 


Is there an adventure that changed your life?

Bali - IYKYK.


What’s your favourite way to stay active? 

I enjoy rollerblading!


What’s an adventure you’re excited to take?

LIFE! Life is the greatest adventure and I'm excited to see where this journey will take me.


Is there a book that’s changed your life?

I wouldn't necessarily say "changed my life" but I enjoy self-help books - books that are inspirational and motivational and the focus is taking a leap of faith. Anything along those lines are books I gravitate towards.


Is there a career/personal accomplishment you’re proud of?

I celebrate all of the mini victories. Everything I've accomplished so far in life, I am abundantly proud of! 


Is there a cause you’re passionate about? 

There is a not-for-a-profit called Shelter Movers who had me as their host for their 2019 Gala, I also had an event a few weeks later called INFLUENCE and all proceeds went to them. Their focus is on helping women get out of their domestic violent household and away from their abusive partner. 


Do you have a piece of jewelry that’s sentimental to you? 

I have some pieces that belonged to my mom.


Jewelry Lightning Round:

Silver or Gold? Gold

Chunky or Dainty? Depends on my mood! Chunky rings, dainty everything else!

Chain necklace or pendant necklace? Pendant 

Huggies or oversized hoops? Oversized hoops!

Signet ring or stacking ring? Stacking ring


Where can people find you? 

IG: azaleazoe

YT: Azalea Hart