Michelle Bali | Creative Strategist

Michelle is a Creative Strategist, which is, as she describes, an Art Director meets a Digital Marketer. In other words, she figures out how to make businesses money through creativity. She's also launching her own cosmetics line in the very near future! She loves London, is an Olympic gold medalist in pressing the snooze button, runs outdoors in the winter, and can't wait to explore India and Asia. Read on to find out more about this adventure girl!

How do you describe what you do?

I am a Creative Strategist, which is just an Art Director and a Digital Marketer hybrid. I spend my time thinking of ideas of how to make businesses money through creativity. I can be directing a photo shoot one day and the next day, be strategizing facebook ads that gets a brand’s product noticed. I mainly work in fashion and have had the pleasure of working with cool brands like Nudestix and Valeria Lipovetsky. I really love it. I’m nervous to even put this out in the universe because I literally started this venture last week, but i’m starting my own cosmetic company!


What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

The Vogue 73 questions version would be wake up and not look at my phone. Then meditate, go for a run and then go to work. Sometimes its like that but I also am an olympic gold medallist at pressing the snooze button. 


What would be your dream collaboration?

Oh my god good question. Hmmm... At this moment in time, i think it would be so fun to work with Better Gift shop. 


Book that’s changed your life?

The book 'Room' stuck with me. If you’re planning on reading this book don’t read on because I’m about to spoil the end!. It’s about a little boy who grows up in a room and has never seen the outside world because he’s held captive. When he’s in the room his toys are mundane things like egg cartons. And then when he gets out he finds it so hard to believe that the first thing people do after buying something is throw out the wrapping because he’s spent his whole life cherishing egg cartons as toys. I think that spoke a lot on consumerism number one, and secondly seeing the world through this boy’s life was just a huge lesson on the varying degrees of perspective in this world. 


What’s your favourite way to move or get active? 

Running outside in the winter but biking in the summer! 


Which country have you traveled to that inspired you most?

London England! It showed me that there are so many different pockets of art culture all over the world. 


Tell us about an adventure that changed your life?

In December 2018 I very suddenly found myself with no work. I was kind of hanging around waiting for answers and then I was like I can either sit at home, or I could go and make myself happy. So I booked a ticket to England and toured alone. It was a hard decision because money was the thing that was stressing me out and then here I was spending it. But it changed my life because it just showed me that you’re in control of your own happiness and you’re the one that ultimately has to make it happen. 


What’s your favourite way to stay active? 

I am addicted to the runners high!! if I don’t stay active constantly I’m in big trouble haha. So from a mood perspective, jogging is what keeps me happy. 


What do you do in your life as play?

I schedule time in my phone—specifically on Tuesdays after work—to do something new. Last week it was going to a Harry Potter themed bar. The week before that it was a meditation class at a Buddhist temple.


What’s an adventure you’re excited to take?

Aaahh!! I’ve been scouring Secret Flyer for the past month and I’m so just not sure. My main goal is to experience a culture that is so different than what I’ve ever witnessed so hopefully somewhere in India or Asia.


Where can people find you?