Rachel | Co-Founder of Sade Baron

 Rachel Co-Founder Sade Baron


How do you describe what you do?

Our mother-daughter body care brand sparks the potential of our skin to heal itself, through high-quality natural ingredients. We’re not interested in temporary solutions. We aim to give you a long term roadmap to healthy skin.


What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Well, first it would be working with my mom. She is very sweet and stern all at the same time. Secondly, creating something helps our customer feel better. The idea of creating and building something is very exciting to me.


If you had the chance to do anything over again in your career, is there anything you would do differently?

Get more advice, and continue my entrepreneurial journey much earlier and more steadfastly. I took a few breaks throughout my career.


Where is your favourite destination in the world?

Portugal there is just so much to see and the food is excellent.


Is there an adventure that changed your life?

Backpacking through Europe with a good friend of mine for three weeks.


What’s an adventure you’re excited to take (maybe when COVID is over)?



What’s your favourite way to recharge/relax?

Watch TV, Take walks, listen to music and do nothing.


Is there a book that’s changed your life?

Two many to list, I definitely was an avid reader in my teenage and university years.


Is there a career/personal accomplishment you’re proud of?

Starting Sade Baron with my mother who is so incredible, and seeing her transform into not just my mom, but business partner is super incredible. It’s an accomplishment, because working family isn’t easy and sometimes hard, but I find a lot of comfort and pride in knowing that.


Do you have a piece of jewelry that’s sentimental to you?

My mother gave me this beautiful watch that I adore, and my grandmother also left this beautiful necklace.


Jewelry Lightning Round:

Silver or Gold? Silver

Chunky or Dainty? Dainty

Chain necklace or pendant necklace? None

Huggies or oversized hoops? None

Signet ring or stacking ring? Both, I can’t decided.


Where can people find you? (IG, YouTube etc)

@sadebaron on IG, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest

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