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Ria Elciario Flare Social Media Editor



Ria is the Social Media Editor at FLARE Magazine, a Multi-Hyphenate Creative and Founder of 'She's Got Wonder', which is a safe space for emerging artists to collaborate. Talk about having a lot on the go! She is passionate about The Okra Project, a collective that supports Black Trans people by cooking them healthy home-cooked meals. She loves the Philippines, where her family is from, and can't wait to travel to Italy, Mexico and Japan. Read on to find out more about this inspiring woman.


How do you describe what you do?

Currently, I’m the Social Media Editor at FLARE Magazine. I’m also a freelance writer, creative director and strategist. I would say I’m a multi-hyphenate creative. I wear many hats depending on what project I’m working on or what company I work for.


What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I go on Twitter and have a coffee.


Where is your favourite destination in the world?

My family’s from the Philippines, so I would say that’s my favourite destination. Montreal also has a special place in my heart.


Which country have you traveled to that inspired you most?

I haven’t travelled enough to have an answer for this, but I would love to visit Italy, Mexico and Japan.


Is there an adventure that changed your life?

Hmm. In 2014, I went to Batanes, Philippines for my cousin’s wedding and his wife’s family took us on a tour. We took a jeepney to go around the island. It was breathtaking. There were no big buildings, condos, or malls. Everything was simple and everyone was happy. I wouldn’t necessarily call this an adventure, but it’s something memorable that I hold dearly.


What’s your favourite way to stay active? 

Going for walks! I’m not a workout person, but getting some rays is so necessary.


Is there a career/personal accomplishment you’re proud of?

Everyday, I’m thankful for the opportunities that ever landed on my lap. I’m generally proud of myself for getting to where I am today, but if I do have to pick, I’d say starting She's Got Wonder is one thing I’m really proud of.


Is there a cause you’re passionate about? If so, please elaborate.

The Okra Project is a collective that supports Black Trans people by cooking them healthy home-cooked meals. For people with privilege, healthy food is easily accessible which is why I think The Okra Project is a great initiative as the collective addresses financial and food insecurities. 


Do you have a piece of jewelry that’s sentimental to you?

Yes! A custom silver necklace with my name on it. My mom gave it to me on my 7th birthday. 


Where can people find you? (IG, YouTube etc)

@riaelciario on Instagram and Twitter


Jewelry Lightning Round:

Silver or Gold? Gold.

Chunky or Dainty? Depends on my mood.

Chain necklace or pendant necklace? Chain.

Huggies or oversized hoops? Depends on my mood.

Signet ring or stacking ring? Signet.

*Ria is pictured wearing our Gaia Swirl Ring

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