Shelby | Founder of Shelby's Naturals

Shelby's Naturals

Shelby talks to us about building Shelby's Naturals, the importance of trusting your gut, and how she met her husband on a beach in Florida while on location with Vogue! Read on to find out more about Shelby.

How do you describe what you do? 

I’m a skin doctor! Haha, but really, I create luxury, organic skincare essentials that are designed to balance and nourish your skin, holistically. 


What would you say are the top three skills needed to become an entrepreneur? 

Financial management, perseverance and self determination (strong work ethic), time management skills. 


If you had the chance to do anything over again in your career, is there anything you would do differently?

Listen to my gut more, stop worrying about what others are doing and stress less. :) 


What’s your vision for your brand? Where do you see it going? 

My dream is to see Shelby Naturals grow organically and impact the lives of many! I believe and created SN to be much more than skin care, and my intention and hope is for it to inspire health, balance and happiness. Seeing my amazing customers achieve more confidence through a healthier complexion, and the way they are inspired to live a healthier, more simple lifestyle is really all I could ever ask for! I have some new exciting things in the works that I can’t wait to share with everyone. Super excited for what is to come! :) 


Is there a career (or personal) accomplishment you’re proud of?

Starting a skincare line (Shelby Naturals) that defies popular beliefs and the skincare industry in general. The personal care / beauty industry is so saturated, and I am proud that I took the leap to introduce products I created through my journey and passion for healing my severe acne, rosacea and scarring. Starting a business on your own is already very intimidating and can be quite frightening, and I am proud of my bravery and perseverance to introduce a product that positively changed my skin (and life!) for the better in the hopes of doing the same for many others. :)



Where is your favourite destination in the world? 

My dream is to visit Greece, Australia and Hawaii (haven’t been yet!), but out of all the places I’ve travelled to, I’d have to say my favourite destination is Florida’s West Coast.


Which country or place have you visited that inspired you most? 

West coast of Florida!


Is there an adventure that changed your life? 

Meeting my husband on a beach in Florida while photographing an editorial for Vogue. It was so surreal! We were both so focused on our businesses and weren’t looking for a relationship, which is one reason why it was just so magical how we met!


What’s an adventure you’re excited to take? 

My dream is to go to Hawaii and I’m planning to go early next year, if all goes well. :)


What’s your favourite way to stay active? 

I love to exercise first thing in the morning before I start my day to feel my best! I have been doing an exercise method called Essentrics, which is a combination of pilates, yoga and Tai Chi… it’s amazing and I feel so invigorated and inspired after!


Is there a book that’s changed your life? 

Metabolic Typing Diet - it helped me regain my health!


Is there a cause you’re passionate about?

I’m passionate about many causes, because I am always in search for the truth and hope to positively impact the lives of many! One cause would be bringing awareness to the fact that there are many harmful chemicals found in beauty products and food. This is one reason that inspired me to start Shelby Naturals, and I am always trying my best to bring light so others can make educated decisions that better their personal health and life :)


Do you have a piece of jewelry that’s sentimental to you? 

My wedding ring for sure! It was my husband’s grandmother's. She had passed away when he was a young boy and had left her ring for him, as they were very close. Even though I never met her, just seeing how much of an impact she made on his life and his admiration of her holds a special place in my heart, and I am honoured to wear her ring.


Jewelry Lightning Round:

Silver or Gold? Gold!

Chunky or Dainty? Dainty.

Chain necklace or pendant necklace? Chain.

Huggies or oversized hoops? Huggies!

Signet ring or stacking ring? Signet ring :)


Where can people find you?

On all social channels! Our IG is @shelbynaturals and my personal is @shelbyondrus. Our (my :) ) YouTube and Facebook Page is just Shelby Naturals!