Veronica + Alora | Founders of SAM & LANCE

Sam and Lance Founders - Alora and Veronica

Veronica and Alora run an online ethical marketplace and love morning meditations, travelled alone to Cyprus as teenagers and did yoga at an Ayurvedic centre in India. Read on to find out more about these adventurous, entrepreneurial sisters! 


How do you describe what you do?

We run an online ethical marketplace featuring curated goods that are all made by women


What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

COFFEE! Then meditation. It really helps set the tone for the day and prepares your mind and body to handle any stress or anxiety that come up in a healthy way


Where is your favourite destination in the world? 

This is so hard! We both absolutely love to travel and have fallen in love with so many countries and cities over the years. What we both find is that certain places have a special energy that makes you feel connected to them. For example, Veronica LOVED the energy of Hanoi and Alora has a special energy connection with Ghana. But there are also places that become special for other reasons. We both have a huge place in our hearts for Paris (Alora lived there for a year!) and we had an amazing family trip in Scotland, so that holds a special place in all the May family hearts! But then Veronica lived in Singapore and got married in Thailand and has extended family in Netherlands so those are all special and all these destinations we keep finding ourselves either going back or wanting to go back over and over!


Which country have you traveled to that inspired you most?

Veronica: I found Morocco wildly inspiring. From the views to the colours, to the languages, it is such a vibrant country and spending time in the mountains, cities and desert sparked so much creative energy I didn't know I had! 

Alora: I absolutely loved Myanmar. It was amazing travelling through a country that just recently opened up their borders and to see a place that was not yet overrun by tourism. 


Is there an adventure that changed your life?

When we were 18/19 we travelled together with friends to Cyprus for 2 weeks and took a spontaneous 3 day trip to Egypt. It was both of our first international trip without ‘chaperones’ or parents. Being able to have that experience together was such a great bonding experience and seeing the pyramids for the first time is amazing. This trip gave us the confidence to travel more on our own and embrace spontaneous adventures!


What’s your favourite way to stay active? 

We both love yoga! It is such a great activity for the body and the mind. We actually got to do yoga classes at an ayurvedic centre in India together which helped fuel our passion even more!


What’s an adventure you’re excited to take?

Veronica: I saw a mini documentary about how you can take a train tour through india and follow Buddha's life path. It goes to historically significant places from his life and through important temples. I also love trains and think it would be such an eye opening experience 

Alora: I’d love to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. 


Is there a book that’s changed your life?

Veronica: How Not to Die. I have always been a big meat eater but this book absolutely changed the way I look at food and nutrition and it's easy and accessible to read and not preachy or pretentious. 

Alora: A Desire For Elsewhere! Veronica bought me this amazing book from a museum in Singapore that’s a really lovely book (that you can read in about a day) that’s all about travel and wanderlust 


Is there a career/personal accomplishment you’re proud of?

We are so proud of ourselves for launching our own business! We are both so honored to be able to work on something that is meaningful, creative and so far successful! And to get to do it with your sister is an extra bonus.


Is there a cause you’re passionate about? 

We love anything that supports women and girls! Whether its helping survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking or helping to end period poverty or child marriages we try to support wherever we can!


Do you have a piece of jewelry that’s sentimental to you? 

Veronica A birthstone ring that was our grandmothers (LANCE) as we were both born in march. 

Alora: A pansy necklace that was our grandmothers (SAM), she wore it every day


Where can people find you? (IG, YouTube etc)

IG: @sam.and.lance



Jewelry Lightning Round:

Silver or Gold? Silver!

Chunky or Dainty? Mixed!

Chain necklace or pendant necklace? Chain

Huggies or oversized hoops? Huggies

Signet ring or stacking ring? Stacking